I realized my algorithms were so far from having a snarky detector that this was a better approach.”

Google executive Bradley Horowitz, on the time at Yahoo when he discovered Flickr users were better at tagging photos than his machines, VentureBeat, 22 May 2012



“Scott Thompson’s degree at Stonehill College was in bachelor science in accounting [sic]. There was an inadvertent error that stated Mr. Thompson also holds a degree in computer science.”

An unnamed Yahoo spokesperson, displaying the attention to detail that let false information about CEO Scott Thompson’s college degree get published in SEC filings in the first place, AllThingsD, 3 May 2012


“We’ve been compared a lot to Google over the past year and we think we’re really different than Google and Google has a great spot in consumer’s minds and so does Yahoo, and so we were trying to make sure that people understood that we know we’re really different and we think we’re really different and the comparison is a juxtaposition. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

Yahoo chief marketing officer Elisa Steele, summing up her company’s advertising strategy in a single sentence,, 7 May 2010 via usb geeks