“We aren’t techies or bankers. We’re ink-stained wretches. Then the Internet came along…. We’ve been able to keep Salon alive and independent. But you don’t read much about that.” editor-in-chief David Talbot, whose definition of independence apparently includes answering to a board dominated by a handful of venture capital backers, San Francisco Examiner, 27 June 1999


“People take a real leap of faith when they come to a Web site. You don’t have the face-to-face contact you get in a store, but people still feel like they have a relationship with you, and it’s more intimate than it would be with a sales clerk.” CEO Juie Wainwright, comparing the intimate skills of e-commerce Web studs to bricks-and-mortar drones, ZDNN, 25 June 1999


“The idea that we’re going to go into the 21st century hauling our most valuable documents and information around in plastic boxes is crazy. The proper place for important data is in a mountain somewhere with guys in white coats taking care of it.”

Gilder Group analyst Spencer Reiss, pontificating from his bunker in the hills as he waits for the nice men in white coats to come check up on him,, 24 June 1999


“Traditional companies are in a real dilemma, because if you start an Internet activity, it’s a drain on your earnings.”

Michael Dell, CEO of the eponymous computer manufacturer, managing to discuss the Internet without noting that aside from some light order-taking and tech support, Dell isn’t trimming back its earnings to invest a lot in the Net, USA Today, 21 June 1999