THE REGULATOR-READY BUSINESS for 28 June 2007 The regulators still win. That’s just the rule. All the more reason you want to be cooperative and make the government think they won. Microsoft lawyer Marshall Phelps, on how his company learned to roll over and play dead ever so convincingly,, 28 June 2007

FIRST YOU GET THE MONEY, THEN YOU GET THE POSERS for 27 June 2007 I really like the Valley now because they’re more fundamentally focused on making money than hype. Seagate CEO Bill Watkins, who clearly hasn’t wandered outside a hard-drive factory for a couple of years, The New York Times, 27 June 2007

for 26 June 2007
How is it that a board set up by Congress would ask a growing
business to pay more than 100% of its revenues in royalties? We’re
all asking ourselves that question and, to be honest, still
scratching our heads a bit.
Yahoo Music general manager Ian Rogers, on his company’s abject
failure to lobby for more profitable song-licensing fees, Yodel
Anecdotal, 25 June 2007