“There’s no doubt that it’s a complex relationship, but it isn’t direct hand-to-hand combat as everybody likes to say.”

Handspring CEO Donna Dubinsky, explaining that scraps between her new company and Palm Computing, the handheld maker she cofounded with Jef Hawkins, are more Zen than bare-knuckles, News.com, 24 August 2000


“As an investor, if you’re not tired, stressed and strained, then you’re brain dead. The last year was like a game of Frogger, and anytime you popped your head up someone banged you with a mallet.”

Investment banker turned venture capitalist Keith Benjamin, displaying just how many whacks to the head the market has delivered him since he last played a game of Frogger, Forbes.com, 23 August 2000


“The recent downturn in the capital markets has substantially impaired our ability to raise the capital required to achieve profitability.”

Shaun Holliday, CEO of the now-bankrupt Living.com, on his company’s revolutionary notion that the secret to a profitable business isn’t finding paying customers but getting investors to throw good money after bad, BBC News, 16 August 2000